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USF - OASIS Schedule of Classes - Course Information

OASIS Schedule of Classes - Course Information

COLLEGE:   Arts and Sciences
NUMBER: 1101
TITLE: Composition I
COURSE ATTR: USFSM State Communication Req.
USFSP State Communication Req.
USFT State Communication Req.
USFT-FKL English Composition
USFT-FKL Hist Context & Proc
State GE Core Communication
USFSM Communications
USFSP Communications
PREREQUISITES: SAT Critical Reading Minimum Score: 460
or SAT Evidence Based Read/Writin Minimum Score: 510
or TOEFL Total Minimum Score: 550
or TOEFL iBT Total Minimum Score: 079
or ACT English Minimum Score: 18
and ACT Reading Minimum Score: 19
or EAP 1851 Minimum Grade: C-
or TOEFL Minimum Score: 079
or IELTS Overall Minimum Score: 6.5
COURSE DESCRIPTION: Course Requirements: Scores of: STI1 of 440 or TFL4 of 550 or TFIT of 079 or EAC1 of 17 or EAC3 of 18. This course helps prepare students for academic work by emphasizing expository writing, the basics of library research, and the conventions of academic discourse.

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